Falling Glass Windows in Construction

Directory listing of licensed contractors - Repair DIY Help Center - On September 20, we learned that employees at WorkSafeBC, Vancouver, Canada, had to stop their work for an indefinite period of time, after a huge window pane had flown down 36 stories directly to the street. Unfortunately, even with the most advanced safety systems in place, you cannot zero the risks of failure. It is just a matter of luck and good chance that the accident did not result in human losses. One needs to be extremely cautious, not to turn his unprofessionalism into the source of major safety dangers. The damage could have been much severer, if people passing by the new building had failed to react quickly. Get free estimates - drywall finishing, sheetrock cracks, ceiling replacement, wall texture, plaster repair service . As you might know, glass manufacturing and the use of glass products cannot be quality or safe without professionalism and compliance. This news is just another reminder to the millions of construction workers working with glass: being a good glass professional is just part of your workplace success. A huge framed window landed directly on a constructor?s car: the driver was standing just a couple of feet away from his vehicle. We at Chandler glass repair have learned that it is always better to anticipate and prevent problems than try to minimize their negative consequences ..More

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Glass and Art: A Unique Connection

Best Local emergency contractors - Code Compliance Forums - Glass products are so diverse that it is virtually impossible to describe them all in detail. Visitors of Chihuly?s exhibition can enjoy the unusualness of glass sculptures and look through the glass pictures created by the artist. The main reason why we decided to discuss glass art is because just a few weeks ago a pioneering glass artist Dale Chihuly opened his exhibition in Seattle. Today, Tempe Glass decided to step away from boring industrial concepts and speak about glass as a piece of art. Unusual and challenging, the exhibition had to bring a new breath in the world of art and glass science. Glass is not only what you see in your windows. Very often, glass becomes a unique instrument of art making and crafts. Get free estimates - drywall finishing, sheetrock cracks, ceiling replacement, wall texture, plaster repair service . The artist proves that glass is not just an industrial engineering material but also a perfect means of artistic self-expression. Seattle has become the first place to see the most comprehensive collection of Chihuly?s works ever ..More

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Gilbert Glass Surprising Customers

Locate contractors - Helpful Links - Repair, Maintenance & installation - With new glass and window-making technologies, it is possible to fit new windows into the existing openings, especially where the exterior window frame is still functional, without any physical damage. First and foremost, construction agents and home owners should not worry about the damages posed to the interior, when the original window is being replaced. The use of an upgraded sash will increase the energy efficiency of new glass windows. Get free quotes - insulation installation, remove mold from walls, sheetrock repair, stucco house, gypsum board ..More

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Tempe Glass: Looking into the Past

Find best 10 professional contractors - Service Technician Blogs - This is why it is sometimes very useful to stop and look back into the past glass industry developments. We understand that the variety of glass types, products, and services can hardly be overstated. We know that it sometimes takes years to produce a small revolution in the glass industry. Get free quotes - drywall framing, patching holes in drywall, wall painting, insulation installation. We at Tempe Glass understand the complexity of the glass industry and market and can envision the long way our counterparts have passed to achieve today?s success. We realize that the glass industry is not limited to glass windows. The history of glass and the glass industry is so long, that it is sometimes difficult to imagine how much glass heritage was left by our professional predecessors ..More

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Mesa Glass: Speaking about Fire-Resistant Glass

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Technicians Talk Forums - For example, more universities and public facilities are coming to realize the value of fire-resistant glass and want their premises to be safe and attractive for visitors. However, glass manufacturers should be prepared to face the challenge of complex construction projects that involve the use of fire-resistant glass. Many buildings today demand complex construction approaches, and the amount of fire-resistant glass used in these buildings may far exceed a piece of glass installed in a stairwell door. Imagine yourself sitting in a public library made of fire-resistant glass! In case of any emergency, you can feel safe and secured from the major fire risks. Free contractor estimates - ceiling cracks, wall patch, plaster finishing, drywall repair, sheetrock texture. This is why we at Mesa Glass decided to devote one of our publications to this new type of glass commodity. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the beauty of glass transparence and feel comfortable, while reading books and preparing yourself for a difficult exam. This is why we at Mesa Glass speak about the challenges posed by the developing construction industry to glass manufacturers, especially those working with fire-resistant glass. In Arizona and Texas, where temperature are high and the climate is hot and dry, fire-resistant glass has the potential to become one of the most widely used types of glass products. Fire-resistant glass is becoming extremely popular among customers ..More

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