Forum Title: Aluminum double-hung - trouble re-installing window shashes
Is there any tricks to getting an aluminum window sash back in place? I'm having trouble getting the pins in place. I can get the pin in place on one side, but am having difficulties aligning the opposite pin in place. Thanks!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: GLADYS SIMMONS (Santa Barbara, CA), 01/21/2019

Quote: 6 �� wide with a �� overhang on the front stoop. Yes, take off the 1 thick apron that is under the door, go with the 5 3/4 sill (could have sworn that came standard), and replace the apron trim with something not as thick. I think that you will find that if your wall thickness is really 4 9/16 that you will be able to install a 3/4 thick 1x under the door and still have a 1/4 lip, which is just about perfect. I don't know that there is a standard but the sill nose extensions are an aluminum extrusion that has an outer leg that is about 1/4 back from the front edge of the sill nose. If there was a 1/2 lip, that leg would have nothing to sit on, and the sill nose would want to tip down since they are usually hollow underneath. So IMO, 1/4 is perfect. Some guys will let the apron extend out PAST the front of the sill nose a bit and caulk it, but I don't do that since I feel the caulk acts like a dam and traps water under the sill nose and door.

- ERNEST LONG (Lodi, CA), 02/09/2019

One shoe must be positioned higher than the other and that will allow the pivot bar go into the shoe. That's the slight angle joecaption1 mentions.

- JENNIE SHARP (Lancaster, CA), 02/28/2019

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