Forum Title: How to fix Dragging on Casement Windows
I have an andersen casement window and i replaced the rotating arm but the window still doesnt close because i found out that the bottom of the window is hitting the bottom window framing. its a very tight squeeze and makes it really hard on the rotating arm. is there anyway to adjust the window so it moves up a little allowing for no drag.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Topeka, KS), 01/08/2019

Only one way to find out.

- TARA LOWE (Bell Gardens, CA), 03/05/2019

Ahh, by reshim, do you mean that i should take out the window and chisel away a piece of the window frame?

- Sam Formisano (Durham, NC), 02/16/2019

When a casement window drags, it is usually because the frame is out of square, which usually means it is out of level or or out of plumb or both. It is not usually just the sash, it's usually the entire frame, and this can happen if the framing shifts or the house settles. The exterior trim would need to be removed, nails would need to get removed so that the window could be moved. Interior trim would likely also have to be removed. Then you would shim the window until the reveal around the sash is even (so that the frame is square) and then renail the nailing flange and reattach the interior trim. Before you attempt that, an easy way to check for square is to accurately measure the diagonals of the window (measure upper left to lower right, and compare that to upper right to lower left). If the window is square, both diagonal measurements will be equal. If the outer frame of the window seems square, then next measure the sash in the same manner. If the sash is out if square, it is usually because the frame has slipped on the glass, usually because the space around the glass was not properly shimmed to the sash frame. So at least that might be a start for you.

- ALICE PARKER (Torrance, CA), 02/25/2019

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