Forum Title: Tenant Punched hole through bathroom door
Looks like my Tenant punched a hole through my old wooden bathroom door. I'd like to fix it without having it look like crap if possible. Might be selling the house soon and want it to look presentable. I don't have an actual pic, but here is the basic idea. Thanks for any ideas on how to fix it.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Everett, WA), 01/04/2019

Most every manufacturer will say if they meet egress...but it's normally just a little asterisk with a note at the bottom. need 5.7 SF of clear opening with minimums of 24 height and 20 width. So a 24 tall window that was 6ft wide would be ok, or 20 wide and 6ft tall would pass. I just used 6 ft cause I'm too lazy to do the calculations. Double or single hung windows will normally be slightly less than half of the lower sash dimension. Casements can meet code but you may need the egress hardware for smaller ones. Good description here...Egress windows: understanding

- TERRY NGUYEN (Orange, CA), 02/04/2019

Is your door the same style as shown in the photo? If so you can glue a piece of paneling or other material over the entire recessed area. If you cut the piece as large as possible you end up with a small gap around the perimeter that can be caulked or covered with moulding.

- YOLANDA ORTEGA (Barnstable Town, MA), 02/27/2019

Your door and house so it's your call but we replace doors instead of repairing them. And the tenants pay for it regardless.

- ELSIE POWERS (Smyrna, GA), 02/15/2019

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