Forum Title: Weiser Deadbolt Lock Replacement - No Visible Screws
Hoping someone can offer some insight as to what I might be able to do to remove this deadbolt lock. There are no screws I can see to take it off. Nor does there seem to be any slot on the rose to pry it off. There are however 2 spots that look like they should have screws behind them, but I cant seem to pry those off either. [ATTACH=CONFIG]17366[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]17367[/ATTACH] Any feedback would be great!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: WALLACE BOWEN (Spokane Valley, WA), 01/02/2019

Lorenzo, welcome to the forums! Whew! OK, basic door building. Don't make it any heavier than your frame can handle. Don't make it thicker than your door hardware can span. And mostly, don't tell us it is because you play music loud and you don't want it to bother your parents You have to understand the physics of what you are attempting and realize that you will also need to do something to the walls, like adding thickness, decoupling the sheetrock that you will need to install as well as insulation. Bare concrete will not deter the passage of sound by itself. Don't forget the ceiling and the floor, as both will need attention. Just building a bank safe door won't accomplish all you want. Hang in there for others to comment, as they may have other information that will help you.

- DAVE ACOSTA (Tucson, AZ), 03/05/2019

The inside cylinder of my Schlage deadbolt looks similar to the first picture. the little caps are drive rivets and they DO (at least in mine) pry out with a knife point. They are pretty tight so maybe you just didn't use enough oomph. I'm not sure since it was so many years ago but they may be Allen-head bolts behind the plugs.

- DAVE ACOSTA (Parker, CO), 02/01/2019

Oh, hmm. I'll have to try to pry them a little harder I guess. That was my initial assumption, but they didnt seem to want to budge.

- BECKY ROJAS (Middletown, OH), 03/06/2019

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